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At our nurseries, the safety and well-being of our children, parents, and teams is our number one priority.

Recognising the importance of safeguarding, within the current climate, we want to reassure you about the measures we take for your peace of mind. Each nursery is equipped with a designated Safeguarding Officer (DSL) to oversee Safeguarding responsibilities.

To ensure a safe environment, all team members have been thoroughly checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), and an enhanced police check has been obtained. Our team are well-equipped in dealing with safeguarding matters with confidence and care.

Early Years Foundation Stage

The science is incontestable: the first five years of childhood are more pivotal for development and future health and happiness, than any other single moment in our lifetime.

Our Team Training Program

Our commitment to providing exceptional care starts with our rigorous team training program. This includes specialised training in infant care for children aged 0-2 years, child development insights, strategies for supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), understanding and managing children’s behaviours, as well as essential food hygiene and health & safety practices.

We are deeply committed to ensuring that all members of our team are trained to a standardised level of excellence, guaranteeing the utmost quality of care and interactions. Our training undergoes regular review and updating to align with current legislation.

Baby Sensory

In our nurseries, baby sensory experiences are fundamental to our approach to early childhood development. These sessions are carefully crafted to engage the senses, fostering vital brain development during the earliest years,

Through a variety of activities, from exploring textures and colours to gentle sounds and lights, we engage little ones in a world of sensory exploration.

The benefits of such rich sensory experiences include:

  • enhancing cognitive growth
  • fostering motor skills
  • promoting curiosity and problem-solving abilities
  • developing language skills

Baby Meals

In our nursery, nourishing the little ones is a key part of their day. We delight in serving them a variety of snacks twice daily, alongside a hearty 2-course meal during both morning and afternoon sessions. For early risers, a wholesome breakfast awaits.

Our snacks

Our snack selection includes a range of fresh fruits and vegetables. Every meal is freshly prepared by our dedicated Chef, with daily menus for you to peruse at your leisure. Rest assured, all our nursery menus receive approval from a certified paediatric nutritionist, ensuring balanced nutrition tailored to young, growing bodies.

Dietary Requirements

In our nursery, we’re committed to accommodating every child’s dietary requirements. Whether your little one has specific nutritional needs due to medical conditions, we’re here to ensure they have the most suitable alternatives. From gluten-free to dairy-free options, including meals and desserts, we’ve got it covered. Should there be a need for alternative milk varieties, we’re fully prepared to provide those as well.


Here are a few frequently asked questions that you may find helpful when starting your journey with one of our nurseries.

What age do babies go to nursery?

At our nurseries, we welcome babies starting from 3 months old.

Will my child go out on trips and outings?

Yes, your child will have the opportunity to participate in trips and outings. When your child joins us, we’ll seek your consent for local walks and excursions, emphasising the importance of community engagement and fostering a sense of civic responsibility in children. For trips beyond our local area, we’ll always consult with parents and carers beforehand. There might even be chances for you to join in and experience the adventure alongside your child.

Is it likely that my child is going to pick up illnesses from nursery?

As your child starts at nursery their immune system is still developing. Please be prepared that they may be exposed to more bugs and germs.
We promote the good health of all children attending. To help keep children healthy and minimise infection, we do not expect children to attend nursery if they are unwell. If a child is unwell, it is in their best interest to be at home resting.

We understand that children will pick up common colds, and as long as they are well enough to manage the routine of a nursery day, they are able to attend. We do follow NHS guidance and Health Protection England for all exclusion periods. This includes 48 hours exclusion for sickness and diarrhoea bugs and ask for all children to be off for the first 24 hours when prescribed antibiotics. Please speak to your nursery manager if you have any specific questions.

How do you keep the nursery and resources clean and hygienic?

Each nursery has their own cleaning schedule for all resources and playrooms, with increased cleaning in baby and toddler rooms where children may still be exploring the resources with their mouths.

Can someone other than us as parents collect out child from nursery?

We take the safety and security of our children and team very seriously. The children will only be allowed to leave the nursery with those known to us.

At registration we require for all children to have name, telephone number and security password for at least one person we could contact in an emergency. We understand that from time to time you may wish for someone else to collect your child from nursery. In these cases, we must have their details uploaded on to your child’s EY account and it must have a password that can be used for additional security measures.

If you are running late to collect your children, you must communicate the nursery so they are aware and, in some cases, an additional fee will be applied to your bill.

How do we keep children safe?

The nursery has security systems in place to ensure that nobody gains access to the nursery premises that are not authorised to do so.

What happens if my child has an accident at nursery?

We always tell our parents that nursery is not risk free. Judging risk is a skill children need to develop in a considered and controlled way. The team regularly assess the risks in our environment, but sometimes children will have bumps and falls, and this is a normal stage in their development as they negotiate different spaces, other children, and their ever-growing little bodies. The team will always tell you if your child has had an accident whilst in nursery and ask you to sign a form that explains how it happened.

How many adults will be working with my child?

In our nursery, we boast a diverse array of qualifications and experiences among our team members. Each individual brings something unique to our team. Adhering to the standards set by the Department of Education, we maintain specific ratios:

  • one adult per three babies (0-2 years),
  • one adult per four toddlers (2-3 years, with potential extension to one adult per five in exceptional cases), and
  • one adult per eight children (3-5 years).

Is the nursery registered with Ofsted?

Yes the nursery is registered, and regulated by Ofsted. They will inspect the nursery at least once every 6 years. During inspections Ofsted will want to know what it is like for your child at our setting and will spend time observing daily routines and learning experiences. They will focus on children’s development, progress, safety and well-being.

How are the nursery school fees paid?

All nursery fees are due by direct debit or your tax free childcare account. Invoices will be sent electronically through our online platform. All holidays, public holidays and days where you child is poorly are payable in full.

Do you offer any nursery school discounts?

Yes, we offer the following discounts;

  • NHS – 5%
  • Sibling discount – 5% on your oldest child

How much notice do I need to give is I would like to reduce my child’s session or I am planning to leave the nursery?

We require 4 weeks’ notice for any reduction in sessions or if you wish to leave the nursery.

How much sleep will my child have at the nursery?

We uphold the belief that children under 3 should have at least 45 minutes of sleep, to ensure they receive the full physiological benefits essential for their growth and brain development. If you have any questions or specific needs regarding your child’s sleep routine, we encourage you to talk to your child’s key person during the settling-in period.